Chat ban Appeal

Who review these? if at all? or is it simply, 4 people report someone and they get a ban and it does it automatically? I report people every time i get flamed and rarely do I see a "an action has been taken against a player you reported" pop up. when they literally flamed me for entire game. But somehow I reply to me being flamed all game with one or two sentences and I get a ban? please review and lift ban. Definitely didn't say anything to deserve it after going through chat logs. and as a result. im just going to mute all and not speak. Pretend its a one player game from now on. because it basically is thanks to the community you've created through negligence . and if you're NOT going to give me an appeal and take off the ban. At least have the decency to give them all a ban as well. If you're going to review it. THEN REVIEW IT. and give all parties equal blame. Dont just single one person out and say "ok everyone was an asshole but today you get the shit end of the stick" complete bollocks
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