Fluctuating Ping

Since the latest patch, my ping has been VERY UNSTABLE. During gameplay, ping will spike to about 220ms, slowly go down to 80ms, then spike back up to 220ms and repeat that cycle for the entire game. Logs of Lag: http://logsoflag.com/#I3WyzJbMlpR My internet outside of LoL is very fast and has little to no lag. Speedtest.net results: http://www.speedtest.net/my-result/5767181398 I have tried the following: Repairing the LoL Client, plugging directly into my router with an ethernet cable, creating a firewall exception to prevent LoL from jumping around servers, updating Windows 10 to the latest version 1607, and disabling Cortana. Before patch 6.21 I would get constant ping of 50-80ms with no lag issues at all, and I am at a complete loss as to what the problem is. Please send help :(
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