Riot Games : Stepphen (Please Read it) (banned)

Riot Games. Hello my name is stepphen in real life and im a youtuber for 2 years now and i love making league of legends videos. So im playing league of legends for like 5 years now and i was always a little bit toxic. I just got permanent ban on my account right now and i really apologise about that, also today i just purchase riot points (20 euros) i know its alot , Where am i going to? I just wanna get unbanned. Like its not even fair i just put like 100 euros in this account and thats really a waste? 100 euros for me its so much and i feel so stupid when im thinking that all goes to waste. Please riot games i really want to get unbanned for the money and for all the time i just spend in this account and all of the money i spend in this account. Okay so im really sorry and i apologise for everything i write in league of legends game chat i'll never do it again and i wanna get unbanned. You can permanent mute me or mute me for how long you want but do not ban me please riot games don't do this to me. Also my youtube channel is gonna go down for that. i dont wanna make you feel bad so you will unban me but thats how i feel and thats how it is for me. Im Sorry for everything i've done riot games, im really sorry and i really apologise for everything, i hope you will read this and i hope you will unban me. Also sorry for my bad english im from greece and im not the best :D thank you very much riot games please read it. I love you riot games. Bye Stepphen.
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