AT&T Peering Coming Online!

We have made big improvements for AT&T players! Recently, we've reached an agreement with AT&T that should improve connections and help lower ping. To explain what's going on, let's break this down into what occurred before and what will happen now: #***Before:*** As a player using AT&T, your connection to LoL game servers in Chicago would enter AT&T's network but there was a good chance that your connection would pass through another 3rd party network before making its way to the game servers. This would cause some inefficient pathing and could result in higher than normal ping. #***After:*** With our agreement with AT&T, when playing League of Legends your connection shouldn't pass through extraneous networks. The result will be a more direct path to our game servers. #***So...What Does This Mean?*** Beyond a more efficient path and hopefully lower ping, it's much easier for our teams here to identify and troubleshoot issues where players are getting poor ping or inefficient paths. Additionally, once we get AT&T connected to our various [Points-of-Presence]( (PoPs) across North America (currently, Los Angeles, Dallas, Atlanta, San Jose), we will get connections onto Riots Direct Network even faster, giving your connection a highway directly to LoL game servers. We're working to AT&T to get them connected to our PoPs in the near future. We aren't expecting players to have any issues after these changes, but if you do have problems connecting while on AT&T or suddenly have much higher ping, reply to this thread and confirm your ISP, as well as your location. Our Network team will be keeping an eye on this thread and respond to any concerns.
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