Disconnects/Ping spikes, Read and Sign if you are having these issues.

So recently, a LOT of players have been having issues with game lag as well as disconnects. Riot needs to fix this as it has made the game unplayable. Losing games in ranked due to this issue, or even wasting 40 minutes in a normal game is unacceptable. This should have been fixed by now or atleast put a warning on the client. 1. Ping slowly increases as game goes on, eventually you disconnect and are stuck at the "attempting to reconnect" screen. 2. The characters are not running back to base when you disconnect which is a flaw of its own. 3. After reconnecting either by waiting 10 minutes, or exiting the game and restarting the game it happens more frequently and your ping spikes immensely. 4. Some games run fine, but after 1 disconnect that game is no longer playable as it will continue to happen. If you are having this problem please comment on this post with your summoner name! -KingMasterNate

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