Cannot download league for Windows 10, tried almost everything and still won't work?? Visual C++prob

So I bought a new HP laptop just because I was extremely excited to start playing League on my own laptop now right? However, during the installation process, it mentions that there's a Visual C++ 2005 Redistributable (x64) problem. I'm not exactly a computer genius and don't know what that means exactly, however I'm smart enough to atleast work my way around the basic details? I've tried searching so many websites for answers and watched so many different kinds of youtube videos on how to fix the problem, but no matter what I try, it only mentions the Visual C++ problem... and I tried to download the Visual C++ 2005 Redistributable (x64) on the windows but for some reason it wont let me?? I figured that would've solved my problem but now I'm still stuck?! I just want to play League asap!! SOMEONE PLEASE HELP!!!
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