Patcher Stops at 260MB and then takes the computer with it

I've seen several discussions like this on these threads, but my case is a real odd duck. It all started when It suddenly asked me to set it to a particular network setting, either Private or Public (I believe I set it to Private). Then, Avast threw up a warning when I tried to run it, and refused to open it. Wasn't sure if that resolved itself or not, because several times afterwards, when I tried to run it, it'd throw up the League of Legends logo, and then nothing happened afterwards. I finally uninstalled the game, and reinstalled, and then the real problem started. Every time I tried to run it, the Patcher would get to a point, somewhere between 64-74%, 260 MB, and then it would stop. I've seen several people post that this is when League does some file extraction and installation, and I would be willing to be patient (indeed, I watched as it slowly eeked up a few percentage points), but, at some point, the Patcher suddenly crashes with some sort of x0000008 error or something like that. And not only does the patcher itself crash, it takes my computer with it. While patching, every other function of my computer, from switching tabs or trying to insert a new address or search freezing my internet browser, to other programs like Skype or LibreOffice locking up, to the Windows Task Bar itself locking up so much I can't open the Start Menu and CTRL+Alt+Delete is unresponsive. Every time this has happened, I had to restart or force shutdown my computer. The thing is, my computer's not an old clunker; it's a year old model I purchased with some standard and worthwhile parts. I've read that there's a method involving deleting all the patcher stuff related to all the regions that you're not playing on, and I haven't tried that, but, other than that, is there anything else you can recommend, or should I wait this out for Riot to do a mass scale fix, because this is something I've seen a lot of people struggle with.

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