New In-Game Performance Support Videos!

Fixing In-Game Performance Issues! - YouTube
Unexpected crashed or drops in FPS are super frustrating and we want to make sure that LoL runs awesome! These videos help troubleshoot common problems with ...
Hi everyone! It’s been a little bit since we’ve released new support videos! We’ve recently added a [new lineup]( that should help you fix FPS issues, crashing and other in-game performance issues: [Disabling Background Programs]( [Power and Heat Settings]( [Optimizing In-Game Settings]( [Uninstalling and Reinstalling League of Legends]( [Updating your drivers and other software updates]( We’re aware that these videos, in addition to our connection troubleshooting videos, may not always fix your issues. However, they should be another easily accessible resource for you if you’re experiencing FPS or crashing issues. If you continue to experience problems please [submit a support request]( to us so that we can provide better, indepth support. Troubleshooting videos may not be the sexiest thing in the world but we do hope that you find them helpful. And we want to hear your feedback! If you’ve watched a video, you can send us your feedback here: We’ll also be hanging out in this thread for a while so we can discuss with everyone.
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