Window too small to finish installation

Image image hosted in My league client is too small for me to click (what I'm sure is) a checkbox in order to continue with the registration. What do I do? I can't maximize or change the size of the client in order to complete the installation. I tried changing the display size and text sizes, but it hasn't done anything. I'm running Windows Bootcamp on Mac, so I'm running Windows 10 on a Mac, if that helps anything. I'm sure that's where the problem stems from since I can't find anything about this on the web... I was hoping to get rid of some issues playing on the Mac version (some connection issues) by downloading League on my Bootcamp, but I can't even get that far right now. Any suggestions? Thanks. Edit: Also, I have tried tabbing through the aforementioned options for download locations and back/next options, and it doesn't let me select a checkbox. When I try to press "next", it still says " You must agree to the terms to continue."

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