problem with lol .... SOS!!HELP!!

i dont know what happens i see the game all red and i cant play in game .... i cant play and i get a notification when i logging in that says : rating:fair some objects render at wrong depth .. 1. this is how it looks when i log in to the game: see at the bottom were the friends are and all over the window that a red color it appears: 2. i have had a 20 min ban b/c i got into a game and i leave b/c of this prob and that's how it looks like when the time pass: 3. that's how the game look like when i am in champion selection : 4. in loading and in game i press the screenshot and it doest do something ..iut appears only black .... so i have only this pics from my phone .. what can i do to fix this problem ?:) please hep me....i try to uninstall it and then again install it but nothing happens ...
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