Riot is trolling and ignoring my bug report problem !!!

Every time when i try to queue up for a raking game , just click on accept , about 30 seconds later show up i dodge the game . When i didn't do any freaking thing of dodging it . I just want to play rank . That's all ! It happened at least 4 or 5 games and i lost all the points beside the penalties . I sure did report the bug , but haven't seen any response from u Riot . You are making me feel like trolling me , making my swimming out of bronze more difficult . if i was a bad player , i wouldn't say a whole lot . After all day of struggling with this raking issue , i've realized it's so stupid to waste time and money for you guys if u can't even make the game runs properly and fair for decent players . I think it's about time to quit your game . Thank you so much for your bad support !
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