My Honor

Okay I thought my honor progress was bugged, and now it just sent me back to honor 1 and said I can't get any rewards. I wasn't punished, banned, or anything. I kind of find it stupid that you guys will just take my honor and not tell me why. Please someone tell me why my honor just got reset for no reason, I'm not even toxic, and the games I get annoyed and get a tiny bit toxic is when my entire team is toxic to me and I say something back to shut them up, and because I do that, my entire team reports me for saying one thing. I've never purposely fed/inted, never told anyone they suck at the game, never told anyone to kill themselves, the worst I have ever said is stuff like "why did you do that" or "that was a r%%%%%ed thing to do." I know my friend has said a lot worse, and he is honor 5. Someone just please clear this up for me. The reason I put this here is because tickets aren't working at all for me. Just crashes at the submit page
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