Permanent banned > for no reason at all

Holy crap , first of all Hello if you are reading this i want u to legit be honest and tell me if this is "EXTREMELY" offensive towards the ones i am talking to in chat so i was playing kog'maw bot as an adc and it was a ranked game , we won after that i got into a champion select and suddenly it disconnects so i closed the client and reopened it , when i logged in it showed the permanent banned message and giving me the games that i flamed in , and there is only one game , the problem with this that they didn't even show the full chat of that game like it only showed the chat for the first 5 minutes and here is the text so as u see i did say %%% , but then i explained it that it wasn't kill yourself i told him that i said keep urself safe i mean if joking around is illegal tell us and in the message they said EXTREMELY inflammatory and offensive tell me do u see this text as an offensive text ?! and why did they showed only the beginning of the game ( first 5 min) not the rest ? it has to be a bug !! and when i said disgusting pathetic idea .. he said i think should i camp mid or something like that or taric said stormraiders kog that's why i said that ,i didn't offense him i said his idea is pathetic disgusting etc ... i mean is that even flame ?
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