I got permanently banned.

Hello riot. My name is Tristan and I have been playing league since season 2, maybe a little bit longer. Thing is right, I got perma banned the 5th of january 2018. Ive been crying for the past 40 minutes.. I know, it sounds like im trying to win you over. But i know the thing i did was wrong, I flamed and i was just mean to people that don't deserve it. Thing is, Ive been playing on the same account since season 2. And i've put in equally as much money as i have playing hours. If you ever read this riot, I am deeply sorry for what i've done. Please unban me just this one time, I can prove that i'm better then what I was. I will never flame again, give me this one chance to correct myself. Please. You can even Perma mute me in chat after if i get unbanned. I just really want my account back... Please riot. Please. Sincerly : Tristan.
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