My Blue Screen Of Death Problem. (please help)

So recently whenever im playing any game i randomly get this screen freeze/buzzing noise and i have to ALT+TAB to get the buzzing to stop. However if i let the screenfreeze/buzzing continue my comp goes black for a few seconds and a BSOD message occurs. My computer doesnt do this at all when im online browsing the web, it only happens when playing videogames. I downloaded a BSOD message reader but dont know what any of the errors mean. The most common filenames i see are the following: dxgkrnl.sys dxgmms1.sys nvkflt.sys nvlddmkm.sys ntoskrnl.sys I have no idea what this means all i know is that the BSOD reader says its from one of my NVIDIA drivers and one of my Microsoft operating systems. If your a techy guy/girl please help. Its really ruining my experiences in league games cause i keep getting DC'ed, i cant play minecraft with friends, no steam, no nothing! Also i went to Bestbuy and they put a 500 dollar price tag on getting it fixed! I'm not poor but dropping 500 on a laptop for a BSOD error fix seems excessive. Thank you for your time and P.S if you help me im going to ask a lot of questions because im not very good with fixing electronics, i just use them.
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