Reconnect Bug, No idea what to do.

Pretty much what the title says, everytime when I want to play a game the game bugged out after the selcetion screen is done resulting in a screen with "reconnect" after pressing the button over 3 games a total of 250 times I'm pretty safe to say that it doesn't work. As a new player to this game I have no clue what to do by this or if I even get this marked as "AFK/leaver" and I already made 2 bug reports in 1 hour with one asking to remove the possible mark. But my question is, does anyone know how to fix this anoying bug what prevents me from playing the game? (Not sure if this is important but I'm playing version v7.24, Could be a outdated one since I saw a higher number but I might be wrong but if so I also got no update for the newest version.) This bug is active on me since today 2-1-2018 with the first game I tried to play of today.
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