Recent Increase in Ping Spike Severity, PLS HALP.

I used to get ping spikes every now and then where my ping would jump from ~90 to like ~200 for a second before returning to normal. It was annoying, but fairly rare and manageable to be honest. Happened maybe one or two games a day, and only a few times per game. However, starting yesterday, I started experiencing very severe ping spikes pretty frequently in most of my games. About 3-6 times per game, for about a couple seconds my ping jumps from ~90 to 600+. While the smaller ping spikes I used to get were relatively easy to deal with, these new spikes are simply too much to deal with. I only ever notice these connection problems when playing league. The only recent change to my network/pc/etc was a new wireless mouse a day or two ago, but I don't see how that could interfere with my wifi. To be honest, I'm not really sure what I could try doing on my end to help pinpoint the problem, beyond running a ping -t which found absolutely nothing. if there's anything anyone can think of, I'd appreciate the help. EDIT: It sucks seeing that so many people are affected by this as well. I'm not sure all of our problems are the same, but its possible they're at least related. If you've had any success or definitely ruled anything out, please share. I thought it would be useful to note that I am playing on the NA server from the East Coast. Iwill be heading to the store soon to pick up an ethernet cable to see if a wired connection will fix this problem. If it does, the problem is most likely either my router or my network card. I would still like to get some feedback from Riot or other knowledgeable personnel on anything else I could try to fix or at least narrow down the problem.
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