Unfair low priority queue

I got a low priority queue for being AFK and leaving a game. I have been lagging a lot lately because I'm playing on an old laptop (details for this not important, nor do I want to disscuss this) so I've been having troubles with the network. I may not be kicked out (although i have had that happen before). I also have missed one game start up queue. That was it, I could understand that this being AFK many times or missing many queues, however I missed ONE QUEUE AND YES WAS ONCE AFK HOWEVER I REJOINED (I also had network troubles at the time as well). NOW I HAVE TO WAIT 5 MINS TO JOIN A GAME NOW FOR FOUR MORE GAMES (I played one). I have missed more queues before sometime early last year, but now I AM BEING UNFAIRLY HAVE TO WAIT LONGER TO PLAY THE GAME FOR SOMETHING I DIDN'T DO. PLEASE FIX THIS PROBLEM. I think my lagging might have affected your system in reading me as causing a problem however you need to fix this. ALSO MY ALL CAPITALS IS TO REPRESENT EMPHASIS NOT SHOUTING. Anyways please fix this or give me a free be in case this happens again. Anyways have a nice day and please fix this.
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