EUW Servers with bad connection.

Hi summoners. I have come to these means to express my frustrations with the current unstable connection with League. I currently live live in Greece. I would say that the past 1/2 weeks have been terrible playing LOL. Usually I play with 70/75 ms Medium High Graphics ( my computer is not good, but I pay for the best internet connection and play connected via WIFI, I have done this for months with no issues). Lately though, through the game I get spikes often getting my MS to 180/100 it will stay like that for a minute or two then slowly get back to 70ms. When playing with friends it has happened a couple of times 2 or more people DC at the exact same time and also have lag spikes at the same time. During games I comment about my lag issues and nearly every time I mention it people tell me they have been experiencing the same thing. No joy with the basic trouble shooting steps. All I want is to play and not have my game play affected. I was really motivated and trying hard to improve but each time I lose a trade, fail a gank, get stunned, have DC right before a team fight or defending tower because of this problem, its really hard not to get tilted with the game. The reason I have put in the effort of posting this, is to bring awareness to the issue and allow people to share their experience with the lag lately.

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