please riot explain

I would please love for you to explain the design to get players with similar MMR and for the love of god dont hold back Riot. Simply put I'm grinding to climb any fourm or way to get away from silver. I main support easy as that. My MMR just yesterday was S2 I have had promos 2 times and have been Trolled, afkers and just people's who's MMR's are not that of other players we versus. Now Riot I have been playing for a very long time. I have spent a good amount of money on lovely skins. Once I just got demoted to silver 4 I lost it. I can not help myself, I really cannot I hope my next game is better than my last but it never is. Riot please explain how online gaming experience can change every game but one side of these games is always stacked. Riot I just want to know are you going to fix the the game selections anytime soon? Riot can't take it anymore. It's not fun anymore. Riot seriously please explain THE SELECTION QUE FOR MMR PLAYERS WHEN I AM SILVER 2 MMR GETTING SILVER 5 PLAYERS OR BRONZE PLAYERS AND THE OTHER TEAM HAS SILVER 1 AND GOLD PROMOS. HOW IN THE HELL IS IT EVEN FAIR TO HAVE 2 PLAYERS VS 5 WHEN 3 PLAYERS DONT EVEN HAVE THE MMR TO BE VS THE OTHER SIDE. WHAT IN THE HELL IS UP.WITH RHE SELECTION QUE OF MMR. RIOR I HAVE TILTED. I DID RAGE QUIT. I CAN NOT GRASP ANYTHING YOU PEOPLE ARE DOING.

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