When is the mac fps issue being fixed, this is ridiculous.

Nothing has happened since patch 6.6 to fix the fps drops, and one rioter said that lowering the ingame sound is a temporary fix, and maybe it helps a little bit, but my screen is still stuttering. I've never had any problems at all with my fps until this patch and it's been a while now and nothing's been done. Surely there must be an official thread regarding the issue. For anyone wondering, what happens is the ingame sound becomes drastically distorted for periods at a time along with screen lag and fps drops that are so dramatic that your fps checker can't react fast enough to tell you that your fps is dropping. Additionally, the screen and sound stutter every 10 to 15 seconds very briefly for no reason. I want to reiterate that this never, ever happened to me before patch 6.6. If a rioter reads this, I would really appreciate it if you would public statement on this issue.
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