FPS Drops When Opening Item Shop

So since 8.6 I’ve been receiving FPS Drops (stutters/freezes down to 8, then goes back to 60 FPS) when I open the shop after first loading in to the game. It also drops when swapping between custom item sets and all items in the shop (100% replication) and on occasion when opening the shop in game. This has only occurred since 8.6, I have the newest drivers for my graphics card (AMD R9 390) and I’m not having issues running other games. I’ve repaired my LoL client (there was no corrupted files found), closed all my programs, and turned down my settings. The issues are still persisting. I’m not sure if there’s a bug, but I’ve seem others mention similar loading issues (black screen when first loading game with it saying I have 4 ping) and I wasn’t sure if there were any found solutions. **Resolved It’s caused by an interaction between the new patch and bitdefender. Anyone who’s having this issue add the league folder as an exclusion to bitdefender and your good to go**
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