Got banned as a bot, what a joke.

I am new to the game, approximate three weeks. I am a very bad player and lost a lot. To avoid complain from teammates, I played a lot of co-op VS AI lately. Still hard to handle the game and even need to purchase RP to get a Darius. I didn't play for several days and today I got emails stating that I was banned forever, the reason is the following: ____ After an extensive investigation, this account has been detected as having been leveled by botting. This behavior is something that is usually associated with account sales and the use of third party programs, both of which are severe violations of our Terms of Use. Because of this, your account has been permanently suspended. ___ I wonder what are the logic of this "extensive investigation" to detect me as a bot, regardless that I communicated a lot during the games and often got compliments from teammates. Also, I don't believe there is any kind of third party program that plays as bad as I do. What the point for this kind of program?
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