Extreme lag since 7.2

Ever since patch 7.2 back in January I haven't been able to play without having extreme lag. This never happened before and I had been playing league for about a year and a couple of months at this time. My ping was at a consistent 26ms before this patch and now randomly I am getting very high pings of almost 500ms. I went around and have seen that other people have made discussions of this and I've tried everything that people in those threads found worked for them, not anything that riot has suggested thus far sorry to say. My lag seems to always come 100% of the time when I'm next to a champion or a jungle monster, sometimes even when I'm not next to either. I've seen responses from Riot employees saying that it's most likely network issues happening with servers, but the answers just stop there; I was making this to ask if there is anything more we could know or if there is some fix coming that we don't know about. I have come back every week to play a game and check if the problem has been fixed since 7.2 release but it's still persisting.
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