"You must be level 7 or higher to comment/post on the Forums"

I can create a discussion when I click "Community", and the click the "Create a Discussion" button there, but clicking "Create a Discussion" when I first go to somebody else's post, then try to click it. I also can't comment when I go on somebody's post. It says that I have to be level 7 or above to post, but I am; I'm level 23 at the time of writing! Is this a common bug or is there some other reason I can't post, and it just doesn't tell me? By the way, I'm sure that this would fit in a much better board, but when I press the "Choose a Board" scroll-down button thing, it just comes up with two options: "Choose a Board", and "Help & Support", or something like those names. If somebody could tell me why that is, it would also be great.
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