Perma banned for swearing at my little brother?

I will include a text wall and provide explanations for me swearing but first let me explain what happened. I was in a game with ziggs bot which made me pretty unhappy, so i was arguing with him, not swearing much at all, just arguing, and he was arguing back along with his support. Ziggs thought that because i was telling him what to do, it was somehow toxic. Isnt that called leadership? Anyway Ziggs started spamming "report x9" and completely lying about me being toxic and flaming all game in our chat. So the manipulative little adc somehow got them to be onboard with him. I just fortified my position on why i think ziggs adc isn't a good pick, so they took that as a confirmation of toxicity. I WASNT SWEARING keep in mind nor was i flaming. Just arguing as you would. Keep in mind i was the most fed on my team! I was trying super hard to carry and had the best kd. My brother was in the midlane because we are duo que. And he was FEEDING really bad. So i most of the stuff i typed in both games were purely to him. Me and my bro swear at each other alot. Its all fun and banter most of the time. I recently got 2 week'ed for actually being toxic. Fair enough, but after that ive been getting many honors, honoring many and trying my absolute best every game, never flaming. After ziggs convinced people to report me the riot autoban system picked up the shit i was saying to my brother as toxicity and flaming. And i was permad Let me show you the text and thoroughly explain. Ive opened a report ticket but i want the community helping me on this, because its just so wrong. The chat is to the last two games ive played. Because ive been super good the other games. I believe this a small mistake on riots part in terms of relying on the autoban bot. Please review my chat. Game 1 Bunda: actually he has a point Bunda: cus rammus would ruin us lategame Bunda: ok gl Bunda: if your good then go for it ** - to ziggs** Bunda: well see Bunda: dude its silver elo Bunda: who cares Bunda: stfu Bunda: it does when enemy team is autism ** -talking about full ad teams working** Bunda: push the minions Bunda: youre so clueless Bunda: ik Bunda: dont shen Bunda: what a dumb gank lmao **- advising shen not to gank, cant tell me this is toxic lmao, shen agreed happily** Bunda: wurf Bunda: yas ** - yasuo aka Rshirt is my brother, his name is moses.** Bunda: go farm Bunda: u got 20 cs Bunda: ]and ur lv 5 Bunda: wow Bunda: this team Bunda: gonna be a long game Bunda: gonna be a long long game Bunda: hes too low lv and cs Bunda: stfu shen **- shen complaining begging for help.** Bunda: ur bronze Bunda: just cus u lost lane Bunda: doesnt mean we gotta be dragged down too Bunda: play smarter Bunda: and safer Bunda: 'is this guy autistic ** - From HERE TO>** Bunda: .. Bunda: im talking about you shen ** - typo," im 'not' talking about you shen" cus he got angry after the autism comment ** Bunda: no shit Bunda: stop feeding Bunda: k gg Bunda: you feed again Bunda: k im playing solo Bunda: fk off bot ** -< HERE- Is ALL to my brother** Bunda: ziggs adc Bunda: please Bunda: all of you Bunda: help with this drake Bunda: come Bunda: ALL of you Bunda: or just go and die Bunda: sick of this team Bunda: im reporting you ** - ziggs giving up** Bunda: you picked ziggs adc Bunda: its grief Bunda: ziggs adc Bunda: because he watched a game of lcs Bunda: full ad wouldve been better Bunda: both Bunda: 1/5 shen 1/6 Bunda: ziggs that cant do consistent dps Bunda: just ff Bunda: irelias not bad ** - me complimenting irelia for her effort even though i was really angry** Bunda: but 2v5 wont happen Bunda: defend Bunda: or we literally lose Bunda: ok yas Bunda: im the only one trying Bunda: so i get reported for it ** - this is around the time ziggs just completely flames me and starts lying in all chat about me being toxic.** Bunda: k Bunda: guys? Bunda: cuys ur ziggs Bunda: report ziggs please Bunda: hes actually trolling Game 2 Bunda: gj Bunda: tam top Bunda: Im low Bunda: NICE ROTATE Bunda: ff Bunda: im done Bunda: WHY AM I LAGGING Bunda: WHY AM I LAGGING Bunda: f Bunda: f Bunda: youre a shit jgler ** - to my jgler, probably the first instance of slight toxicity but comon, you see almost every streamer leave comments like these here and there, and it was THE ONLY one. Keep in mind i was being ganked 5-6 times in less than 10 minutes** Bunda: dogshit Bunda: dogshit jgler Bunda: im not playing this Bunda: ff 15 Bunda: im leaving top Bunda: gl Bunda: youre a piece of shit ** - FROM HERE** Bunda: you know im getting camped Bunda: and you dont help once ** - TO HERE, is to my little brother playing soraka, i was shouting at him to come help me top cus im bad** Bunda: ff Bunda: 2 more mins Bunda: never jg again ** -obviously didnt like my jgler cus he ignored me. Not toxicity though** Bunda: 1 min Bunda: nice camp Bunda: ? Bunda: :)) Bunda: :)) Bunda: ok im not losing this game ** - me telling my team i never give up** Bunda: theres no way im losing to this teemo and tahm **-idib** Bunda: fucking camp me ** -idib** Bunda: ? ** - the rest is just fun banter** Bunda: ? Bunda: ?>????????? Bunda: ?? Bunda: you can see me getting more op Bunda: hope your camp worked tahm :D Bunda: ? Bunda: |ez Bunda: ? Bunda: gg
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