Failed To Connect/Game has Crashed

This has happened to me twice now and I already have low priority games so I need a fix for this. Randomly on some games when I try to play the game will go into the loading screen and just stay black with a little white hour glass. Then after a little bit of waiting my game says that I was unable to connect to the server. The LoL client when I go to reconnect says that the game has crashed. Everytime I try to reconnect the same thing happens. I have tried restarting my computer, didn't help. Restart client, didn't help. Restarted internet just in case even though it's fine because I was in a skype call with my buds on both occasions. Tried doing some stuff that I saw on older forums, didn't help. This has gave me 2 losses on my ranked provisionals and I just want it to stop. Thanks for the help. And if Riot sees this I would like to see if I get banned for a while but if I do they could lift it or something. Thanks
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