Stuck at Authenticating on League Login Screen.

Hello everyone. I just had a day off work and i thought it would be great to play some league. But as soon as i wake up the next morning and turn on league, the login is stuck on "authenticating" I have had this problem in the past, but it solved itself, this time its not. Is this something that i can do something to fix? Ever since this problem started to occur it was always me who suffered from it. All of my pals were on league, playing and having fun while i was just not able to play since the login screen was stuck at "authenticating" It just happened on the EUW servers since i was able to log onto my other accounts on differet servers like NA and EUNE. Id just like to know if i can do something or if it just is a server error or something like that and ill just have to wait it out. Burgarbanan EUW
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