Attempting to reconnect in all games, not just League, but only started after remake patch

I thought it was just League and I fixed the attempting to reconnect twice (no thanks to riot support -.-) and it came back after an update. I tried to play Heroes of the Storm AND Smite, did the same thing. I even tried a different league server and it does it there too. The fact that it's happening in more than one game makes me think it's my internet, but it only happens when I play these games. I called my ISP and they literally told me it was my fault... so I'm at a loss as to what I'm doing wrong. It literally only started happening when the remake a game patch came out, and ever since then I've had this problem. I didn't make any changes to my internet settings, which is why I'm so confused as to why it's suddenly doing this to me and not just on League, but on multiple games. Help? I'm seriously not even going to bother going to Riot Support for this because I've already tried everything they told me, to no avail.

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