am gonna go INSANE if i have to wait another hour for this broken game....

am literally going crazy, it's been 15+ since i uninstalled my game and all it's files because they were corrupt i guess. i've downloaded-uninstalled the client and everything with it more than 3 times... i tried the repair tool, i got a ticket, i went to twitter (support) but they all say the same, not that they haven't been helpful they have been a lot actually but it's not getting the job done. it seriously is frustrating. so what happens is the following: 1. i unistall all my game files and client 2. reinstall all my game files and client 3. it downloads and then it starts patching gets 1/2 (legacy client) or about 40% in new one then it breaks, it also takes FOREVER to do that 4. in the old client: the maximum it reaches in ~2 hours is 64% before breaking in new client: reaches 70% before breaking both clients say the same thing:~ an unexpected error has occurred, check logs~ 5. back to square 1. as you can see am getting despaired please, if anyone is even out there,** PLEASE.HELP.ME**
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