Refund on the Project Tokens? Got a shard for a skin I already own.

I'm sure it's not going to happen, but I figure I might as well try. Basically, I only own Ashe and Lucian's PROJECT Skins, and since there were about 10 more I don't own, I figured I had some pretty good odds of getting one I didn't have, and... I got Project Lucian... Which, in fact, I had gotten the shard for in the last PROJECT event. But spending over half my tokens for just 270 OE is pretty disappointing: I already have a surplus of OE, but even if I wanted more I'd have probably gotten more value out of getting the regular Skin Orb, and would still have had value for another one if I was so inclined. It's fine if you don't, but I figure I might as well try and ask for a refund, even if it's a partial one.

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