Lunar Revel 2016 - "Show me the path [to info]!" Hey all! We know that there is a [ton of information out there about the Lunar Revel event]( and there might be some confusion. The following information should help out and clarify the more finer details of the promotions we have going on: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- > #***Lunar Revel Mystery Gifting*** * Available from January 26th, 08:00 PST to February 8th, 23:59 PST * Must be Level 10 to send Mystery Gifts to friends. You can read the full requirements in our [Mystery Gifting FAQ]( * The double chance for Legendary Skins and Lunar Revel Skins applies both to normal Mystery Skin gifts as well as the Mystery Skin Chests! * The following Lunar Revel Skins are part of the double chance (Includes 2016 Lunar Revel skins as well!): * *Warring Kingdoms Tryndamere, Warring Kingdoms Jarvan IV, Warring Kingdoms Xin Zhao, Warring Kingdoms Nidalee, Warring Kingdoms Katarina, DragonBlade Riven, Dragon Fist Lee Skin, Dragonblade Talon, Dragonwing Corki, Jade Dragon Wukong, Panda Annie, Jade Fang Cassiopeia, Firecracker Jinx, Guqin Sona, Lunar Goddess Diana, Lunar Wraith Caitlyn, Lunar Wraith Morgana, Radiant Wukong* > #***Your Unique Lunar Revel Shop*** * Available starting on January 28th (exact time to be determined) through February 8th, 23:59 PST! * ***Don’t panic if you see less than 6 deals!*** If you own enough content that the shop cannot provide you 6 unique deals, it will simply provide less deals. * The following content will ***NOT*** be provided in the deals: * [Limited Skins]( * [Legacy Skins]( * Champions/skins released within 90 days of Lunar Revel’s launch > #***Firecracker Jinx Merch Figure and free Summoner Icon*** * [Available starting at February 1st!]( (exact time still to be determined) * In order to qualify for the free Summoner Icon, the figure needs to have been purchased by February 8th, 23:59 PST (if not sold out earlier) * The free Summoner Icon is ***NOT*** a new icon, and is the Firecracker Icon (consistency!) from Lunar Revel 2015 * After purchase, both the confirmation page and the confirmation email will include the specific steps needed to redeem the icon to get it on your account * You have 14 days from the time of purchase in order to redeem the icon. If you go to your order status page, you can see an exact days remaining for the unlock. * The icon can ONLY be redeemed in the region the figure was purchased from. For example, if you purchase it from NA, it can only be redeemed on NA. * If you forgot which account you unlocked the icon for, you can check your order status page to double-check. > #***Skins and Summoner Icons*** * The following content is considered ***legacy***, and will go back into the vault and be no longer available after February 8th, 23:59 PST * Lunar Wraith Caitlyn (*1350*RP) * Lunar Wraith Morgana (*975* RP) * Rising Dawn Ward Skin (*640* RP) * The following content will permanently remain in the store even after the event: * Radiant Wukong (*1350* RP) * Monkey King Summoner Icon (*250* RP) * Nightshade Serpent Summoner Icon (*250* RP) * Shadow Wolf Summoner Icon (*250* RP) * Lunar Guardian Summoner Icon (*250 RP* or *1500* IP) *Icon will only be available for RP after the Lunar Revel event ends.*
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