Need some help regarding account recovery

i had stopped playing league of legends for a while took about a 6 month break when i decided the other day that i want to play again. When i go to log in it says my account has been permanently banned due to 3rd party softwear. Ive played this game since the closed beta and have never had any violations of the summoners code so i created a ticket and went through the process of speaking with the support team answering there questions to prove who i was and they finally came to a decision that it was pretty clear it wasnt me that had done this. I receive a email saying the ban was removed and i just have to follow the steps of verifying a new email and creating a new pass word. Problem is before i can do either of these things I receive another email saying i was banned once again for the use of 3rd party programs. I dont even know what 3rd party programs people use on this game ive always just played it through the client nothing more. Can someone please explain to me what might be causing this and how to figure out whats going on? any help would be greatly appreciated
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