LeaverBuster is broken

I've never been a fan of the automated LeaverBuster, but now I just hate it. How about a story... I was playing ranked solo queue on my promotional matches (again) with one loss and one win. The game goes to load, but everyone's numbers stopped moving. I was alt-tabbed watching YouTube waiting for the load, so I didn't notice until I had checked the progress again. When I noticed, I pressed alt+F4 and reconnected to the game being 13 minutes in and the enemy's Maokai also disconnected. He never reconnected, but it didn't matter since my team was losing the 4v4...HARD. After I got more levels and items, we started making a come back. I thought we'd win the 5v4, but nope. Bad team is still bad. But I didn't make this post to complain about matchmaking flaws, even though I just did, and will countless times again. After the loss (and being unsuccessful in completing my series due to LITERALLY a bad team) I got a LeaverBuster window forcing me to type "I Agree" into the box and press "Accept" or whatever. I know it's just a bot, but seriously Riot? Your solo queue ranked 5's servers can't hold players through the loading process, and to get a LeaverBuster warning after YOUR game fails is just a slap in the face. I've quit and uninstalled before, only to come back to try new champions but your broken game is pushing me again.
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