Massive Random FPS Drops

So normally I get about 30-40 fps, which is very much playable in my opinion. But randomly during games I'll get MASSIVE FPS drops, dropping as low as 7 fps at times. This inly happens when I play league, other pc games I play I get steady fps(depending on the game). It happens at all stages of the game, and for some reason, late game specifically, if we have one of the enemy inhibitors open, if I go and auto-attack it my FPS stabilizes. I'll try and put down some of my specs, I'm not very familiar with PC. Quad-core AMD A6-7310 APU with integrated AMD Radeon R4 Graphics 8GB of RAM If there's anything else I can tell you guys just let me know, please help. Edit: Everything is up to date on my PC as well
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