Introducing Blitzcrank Bot

Greetings fellow human beings (for real), I’m BlueFire, just one of many behind the creation of Blitzcrank Bot, the newest agent of our support team. Who is Blitzcrank Bot? He’s a sophisticated, precise, and friendly robot we built to answer your tickets as fast as possible. We surveyed many of you who submitted tickets at the beginning of this year and the number one thing you guys wanted was faster tickets! We heard you and have not only increased our staff to serve you, but also invested heavily in this new piece of technology to answer you as quickly as possible. I wanted to get an FAQ in front of you as you start seeing him. **FAQ:** **Q: How will I know if I am talking to Blitzcrank Bot?** A: We plan to make it very clear that you’re speaking to our Blitzcrank. You’ll see his picture and name in the response and the reply itself will reinforce this through text. **Q:What if I want to talk to a person?** A: Simply reply to the ticket and we’ll forward you to an agent. Its that simple! **Q: How fast is Blitzcrank Bot?** A: If Blitzcrank Bot can both understand your ticket and help you solve it he will normally do it within 5 to 10 minutes. He shouldn’t respond to any conversations you’re already having with agents if they happen to be faster. **Q: How accurate is Blitzcrank Bot?** A: Right now we have him tuned for about maximum accuracy; which is actually above what we can reasonably expect from humans. Sometimes people write in unusual ways which both confuse Blitzcrank and our agents. Seriously, one time I received a ticket that merely said “help” with NO OTHER INFORMATION. We think that the occasional miss will make-up for the fact that we’ll generally be able to help you much sooner. **Q: What issues will Blitzcrank Bot be handling?** A: We will start with English Account Recovery tickets. This is because these are one of our largest ticket problems and someone else having access to your account when you don’t feels really bad. We hope to expand to other languages and issues if you guys like him. **Q: I hate Blitzcrank bot!!!** A: Sorry you had a bad experience. We’re going to be surveying players who received an answer from him and seeing how everyone feels about him. If you guys don’t like him we’ll reconfigure him or potentially even scrap him. So your feedback matters! Feel free to ask further questions or report problems here and I’ll try to get back to as many as I can.
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