So I had a game as yi jungle. I had a nunu support on my team (summoner name is referafriend234), who took smite and tp and followed me around stealing my jungle camps. he also inted and gave the other team first blood, he typed in all chat to the enemy teams' singed that, "i will give you a free win for your promos". he set out with a gameplan to troll us, on his page you can see that he's done it every game that he's played in ranked, with a 0% win rate. I lost 20 lp and had 30 minutes of my time wasted as i wanted to get a quick game in to unwind before i had class. Riot Games i beseach you, not only to permaban this guy/gal, but to give me my lp back. its not fair that i should have to deal with this, riot at least should set up a system to counter trolls like this guy to help protect normal everyday league players like myself. this guy is clearly sadistic and enjoys ruining and wasting peoples time, and there are more out there like him. even if you permaban his account, he can always make another one and do the same thing, ruining other peoples league of legends experience. Im tired of dealing with this shit, im trying to climb my elo, but its impossible when 1 out of 3 games i have to deal with either a troll like this or some toxic moron who carries their frustration from a previous game into one of my games and makes me, and my team suffer. Riot, i love your game, its an awesome product and you should be proud of it, my only qualms with you guys is that yall dont do enough to fix this or at least compensate people like me who have to suffer. ive spent money buying skins from you guys, i would love to buy more in the future to support you guys, but that won't happen if i have to keep dealing with shit like this. RIOT CONSIDER THIS PLEASE, ITS A BAD LOOK ON YOUR PART WHEN PEOPLE PAY YOU GUYS FOR INGAME CONTENT BECAUSE WE RESPECT AND ENJOY YOUR GAME, BUT YET WE STILL HAVE TO SUFFER THROUGH SITUATIONS LIKE THIS. WE ARE YOUR PAYING CUSTOMERS, IF YOU WANT TO KEEP LOYAL CUSTOMERS LIKE MYSELF, THEN HEAR US OUT AND DO SOMETHING ABOUT THIS ISSUE: THE ISSUE OF TROLLING.

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