Bug and Lag

Okay. I was playing rank. The game started, but then my screen was bugged like the tab popped on my screen, but it was black/blank, then the pings option(missing enemies etc.) was on top left corner of my screen and the rest wasn't showing up, so I tried capturing a picture for a proof of the lag, but it suddenly disconnected itself so I had to reconnect. Mid game I was getting lag spike and there this one time I got 15k ms like what the hell... The end of the game we lost cause I was lagging so hard. I felt bad for my teammates because I couldn't do anything. Please explain. I (we) lost some LP cause of it...{{sticker:sg-janna}} PS: I was playing ARAM earlier before I played rank and my ms was fine. PS: I couldn't send a ticket, so I had to explain everything here.

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