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***Thank you everyone for taking the time to respond to this thread! While we are closing this thread for comments, we are still hard at work behind the scenes with ISPs to make sure that connection paths are as efficient as possible as well as peering with new ISPs.*** ***For the latest updates and information regarding ISPs, check out this [Knowledge Base Article](*** ------------------------------------------------ ***ISP Watchlist*** -- ISPs we are currently investigating from form submissions/posts: * Verizon * [Shaw]( * Suddenlink (9/1 - For players near Ashburn, VA, we've created a peering session there which should help reduce ping!) * CableOne * Telus * Windstream (9/1 -- Players shouldn't be routed to Seattle first, before going to Chicago, which should also drop ping) * CenturyLink (added 8/27) * Cox ["I wanna help get this problem fixed, what can I do?"]( ----------------------------------------------------------------------- > #Change Log *(we’ll update this Change Log between now and August 30th, 23:59 PDT, so check back for updates!)* ***September 3 @ 14:18 PDT:*** After working back and forth with Shaw, they removed some internal configurations that were routing players away from Chicago. Once fixed, we saw healthier connections that were routed directly to Chicago. ***September 1 @ 15:22 PDT:*** We received several reports of Heavenlink users having extremely bad ping. We have reached out to them to get a contact there, and will provide further updates once we hear back from them. ***September 1 @ 14:37 PDT:*** We set up a peering session in Ashburn VA for Suddenlink users. Players in that area should see a reduction in their ping! ***September 1 @ 13:49 PDT:*** Windstream update! We worked with their engineers and made changes that should prevent players from being routed to Seattle first, then to Chicago. This should resolve a lot of ping issues, but [submit your information]( if you are still seeing very bad ping! ***September 1 @ 13:03 PDT:*** Here is the latest on Shaw -- We have contacted the Network Engineers in Shaw to respond back to us and ensure that routing paths through our peering are as efficient as possible. We'll update everyone as soon as we learn more. In the meantime and in order to help us out with talking to Shaw, make sure to continue to [submit logs]( if you are seeing issues! ***September 1 @ 11:44 PDT:*** Identified routing issues in Texas for Charter users. We re-jiggered some routing, which should improve overall ping for players there! ***September 1 @ 10:19 PDT:*** We reached out to Pavlov, and successfully set up peering in both Los Angeles and Dallas. Users around these areas should see an improvement in ping! If you are still experiencing issues, make sure to [submit your logs](! -------------------------------------------------------- ***August 31 @ 17:54 PDT:*** From investigating reports of Comcast users, we might have found an issue between them and their ISP backbone. We have contacted Comcast to see if this is intended, and whether we can resolve these issues. If you are still seeing issues with Comcast, make sure to [submit a log ]( we can look into it further! ***August 31 @ 15:17 PDT:*** We identified issues with Xplornet, and was able to contact them to set up peering with Chicago. These changes should hopefully go into effect very soon! ***August 31 @ 10:22 PDT:*** There is some oddness between Shentel and Airwave providing inefficient paths. We are reaching out to both ISPs to get a point of contact. That way, we can work with them and hopefully peer with them around Ashburn, VA. ------------------------------------------------------------ ***August 30 @ 14:32 PDT:*** As peak traffic hours approach, we're about to put a capital "S" on "Stress test". If you see a dramatic shift in your connection this evening, please [submit a log]( This helps us track down when ISPs shift peak traffic and to where! ***August 30 @ 13:30 PDT:*** Shaw update: while we had solved some initial routing issues, it looks like some Shaw user connections are still having problems. We have a contact with them and are reaching out first thing Monday morning. --------------------------------------------------------------- ***August 28 @ 13:42 PDT:*** We have resolved most routing issues with Sasktel. Most to all players should be connecting to the nearest PoP. Make sure to submit your information in the [Log Gathering Tool]( if you still are being routed weirdly! ***August 28 @ 12:44 PDT:*** Cox users in the Midwest/South should see an improvement in their connections as peering has come online in these areas. We are still working with Cox to set-up peering for players further west. We'll update everyone once we have new info! ***August 28 @ 11:20 PDT:*** Since last night, we have worked with Shaw to establish peering in both Seattle, as well as in Chicago. Players using Shaw should connect to the nearest PoP, rather than everyone being routed to Seattle first. There may be edge cases, so make sure to submit us your information with the [Log Gathering Tool](! --------------------------------------------------------------- ***August 27 @ 22:35 PDT:*** Unfortunately, the changes to Shaw weren't too effective. We have since disabled peering with them and players will be using the public internet to get to Chicago, which should hopefully provide a better experience than on the current peering path. While we continue to work with Shaw, make sure to [contact them directly]( so we can work together to get this resolved! ***August 27 @ 18:51 PDT:*** We have made some change Shaw, that should improve routing. Make sure to test out and reply back in this thread if our changes have or haven't improved your ping! ***August 27 @ 18:27 PDT:*** We are currently in discussion with CenturyLink to see if we can help resolve routing issues. In order to help this process, make sure to [contact them directly]( and provide them your information! ***August 27 @ 13:10 PDT:*** We've experienced some delays with Shaw on creating more efficient routing paths. We may [disable peering]( with them before we go into peak hours for NA to give a better experience for players. We continue to suggest contacting them directly, and [asking them to help us resolve these issues](! ***August 27 @ 12:13 PDT:*** For Sasktel users, we have established peering locations closer to the Chicago Servers, which should improve ping. Give us some feedback and let us know if it has or hasn't improved at all! ***August 27 @ 10:51 PDT:*** Suddenlink users near Toronto should expect less ping and a more stable connection due to us properly peering there. We are still working with Suddenlink to resolve issues elsewhere! ***August 27 @ 9:27 PDT:*** We have resolved the hardware issue for Comcast users in Colorado. Players there should see an improvement in their ping! ------------------------------------------------------------------ ***August 26 @ 17:30 PDT:*** We have been working with Shaw to resolve the routing issues, and we should have a resolution soon. Find more detailed information [here]( ***August 26 @ 16:53 PDT:*** We have found an issue causing problems for players using CableOne. We are working with ISP backbones in order to get this fixed. ***August 26 @ 15:26 PDT:*** We have reached out to Suddenlink in order to peer, and are waiting to hear back. If you would like Suddenlink to peer with us, make sure to contact and ask them directly! If your not sure what to say, check out [this post](! ***August 26 @ 13:44 PDT:*** For Comcast users in Colorado, we are working on resolving a hardware issue there that should improve your ping. This should be completed soon! ***August 26 @ 12:37 PDT:*** We believe we have identified an issue with Telus, where connections are being routed to Seattle first instead of taking the most efficient path to Chicago. We are currently investigating with Telus on how we can get this resolved ASAP. ***August 26 @ 10:00 PDT:*** If you're experiencing packet loss and/or high latency from an ISP not currently peered with us, make sure to contact them directly as there may be issues with ISP backbones. -------------------------------------------------------------- ***August 25 @ 17:00 PDT: ***We're investigating issues with Windstream. Latest information can be found in this [post]( ***August 25 @ 12:10 PDT:*** Chicago migration is COMPLETE! ***August 25 @ 10:00 PDT:*** We have worked with Verizon and we believe we have identified the root cause and performed some changes that should resolve most of these packet loss issues. Thanks to everyone who sent us logs and responded to this thread! Let us know if you are still seeing these issues! ***August 25 @ 05:00 PDT:*** Chicago migration has started! -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hey everyone! The Chicago servers are now live! We know that with the relocation, most connection paths will have changed and, in some cases, may be routed inefficiently. We’ve been preparing for this on our end for a while now, and most should be properly routed, but we want to work with you guys to identify and squash any remaining issues. **If you’re experiencing higher ping than [we’ve estimated]( make sure to fill out our [Chicago Log Gathering Tool](** ***Do not post the results in this thread! It contains sensitive information about your connection info!*** Also, make sure to check whether we’ve [peered with your ISP]( If we haven’t peered with your ISP yet, feel free to reach out to them and ask them to peer with us! > ***Note:*** Some of the more high-profile ISP names are missing from that list. We’re currently installing our connections with **Cox, AT&T, and Verizon,** and expect to have peering fully up and running with all three of them within a few weeks. If you’re playing League on one of these ISPs, your connection post-Chicago move may not be on the most efficiently-routed path until that work completes. We’ll keep this discussion updated as these ISPs come online. Our tech experts will review every one of the forms you guys submit to identify any problems and work to resolve them ASAP. Once we have info to share, we’ll update the top of this thread with any resolutions. Also, we’ll keep an eye out for any questions in this thread and respond when we can, but the best way to have us look at your connection is by using the **[Chicago Log Gathering Tool!](** The following tech experts are here to help: Steeb Morgageddon dArtagnan Digital Ram Riot WizardOTL Riot Foro Korensky Riot Laslow Riot R3lick
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