Game freezes when minions spawn, I come back. We win the game, I GET LEAVER BUSTER WARNING.....WTF

@RIOT this happened to me yesterday and I really want an explanation. If you see my record youll know I never leave games or AFK, even in very bad situations. Ever since your update the game runs very shoddily, I was running everything on very high before with 80++FPS now I have to run it on high and barely get 50-55 FPS PLUS MAJOR spikes in frame rate when more than two champs are on screen, massive input lag (hello JArvan E>Q). Anyway despite that, the game froze at level 1 and I had to reboot and rejoin which took about 5 mins). I come back, help my team win, and then get hit with the leaver buster warning like some extremely cruel joke. I would really appreciate you considering that someones game can freeze, and you need to be able to see that they came back and helped the team win. I didn't leave out of spite, I left out of being smited by your update, and STILL came back and won the game. Come on Riot.....
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