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Hi, I am new here. I create a username for example aabb in one region and AAbb in another region. I find I can use either of my username even use AABB or mix the capital and lower letter to login to the support and game(as long as i choose between these two region I sign up). In the support page, no matter which region I choose, both direct to the same result which I can see these tickets by using one of these two username. Only difference is when I login into client ,in one region I has a summoner and none in another region because I have not create a summoner. So my question are: 1. The username do not tell difference between the capital letter and lower letter? 2. If in this case, when I want to transfer to one region to another, since I have already create a username aabb, I can not even use AABB or mix letters? But since aabb and AAbb are both mine and use the same email address, can I just use the anyone of these username only transfer summoner and contents? 3. Does the summoner name tell difference between capital letter and lower letter? For example, I have a summoner called aabb in one region, and AAbb in another region, when I want to transfer from one to another region, can I choose aabb as well even there is a AAbb exist? If not, can I just use AAbb I have but have my summoner's champion and skin etc transfer?
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