❗ Chaos or Order! The VS FAQ to guide you to your destiny

[](https://d3pqmw6lh2nnpw.cloudfront.net/issue/en_US/cover/cover-desktop.jpg) Greetings, Prospective Initiates of Order and Chaos! Welcome to the Vs. Event. It’s a deathmatch between the angelic Riven and demonic Yasuo, as they vye for who will be the one to recreate a dying world in their image. Just remember, cool edgelords don’t look at explosions... https://1.bp.blogspot.com/-lYCbVT87h5o/WS9JMw3_WuI/AAAAAAAAmNo/HJib9UM1OrI03mLqVwI5OyR4EO8hV8n5gCLcB/s640/yasuor.gif With new stuff comes batches of new problems, but we can be your guiding light in a storm of chaos! If you’re confused as to any processes related to Missions, or what you can craft and buy, be sure to check out the [event site over here](http://na.leagueoflegends.com/en/featured/events/vs-2017) for more details. We’ve also prepared a few FAQs below for you guys _in addition_ to the microsite! If you find that your question isn’t answered there, just comment below and we’ll help out. :) **FAQ’s** >**I don't have any new missions yet, what's up?** New missions should refresh around 11:00am Pacific for all regions. >**What champions can use the Vs. Borders?** The Nightbringer Yasuo and Dawnbringer Riven Borders are exclusive to those skins. The border will **not** show on other champions or skins. You do not have to equip the border icon for the border to show! >**If I unlock the border now, do I still keep it if I buy the skin a year later?** Yes! The border is tied to the icon, and will stay with you after the Vs. event ends. > **“How come I can’t complete ‘One Blade, One Purpose’ / ‘Awakening’?”** Remember that you need to equip a Chaos or Order icon respectively to complete those Missions, and after you do either the Order or Chaos Mission, you can’t do the Mission for the opposing side until the next day. >**“When I bought my pass, I didn’t get any Hextech shards for the Ward Skin listed, where’d it go?”** The Ward Skin is automatically and permanently unlocked upon purchasing a Pass, so you don’t have to craft that. >**Does the Chaos Pass double Order Token drops or vice versa?** The Chaos Pass will only double Chaos token drops, and the Order pass will only double Order token drops >**Do I need to complete the Novice missions obtained from buying the pass in order to progress on the Master Missions?** No, those Mission lines are completely separate. Instead of one unlocking the other, look at them like an easier quest line, and a harder one. >**People keep banning Yasuo and Riven! I can’t complete some of my Missions!”** Don’t worry, if the champ you need keeps getting banned, you can play any mode where there are no bans! This includes thing Normal Blind Pick, Co-Op vs. AI, and even ARAM, though remember selection there is random. >**“Can I get the new skins from Tokens or Mission Rewards?”** The Dawnbringer and Nightbringer skins are not available through Tokens or Missions. >**“Will my emotes from my icons last after the event?”** All emotes tied to icons in this event are temporary and will be deactivated at the end, but you get to keep the icon! >**“I got the X icon, but I don’t have the border for my new skin!”** In order to get the border for either Nightbringer or Dawnbringer, you must craft the Nightbringer or Dawnbringer Borders. You will receive an icon along with this, but the other crafted icons and icons earned from “In the Beginning…” will not grant the border. >**“When I opened one of my crafted Orbs I didn’t get anything / my client crashed and ate it! What happened!??”** Don’t worry, just let us know in the comments below! We’ll take a look in your account and see what happened. >**“But how come I didn’t get a Soulstealer Vayne / Hextech Annie Shard!?”** You’re guaranteed one Legacy Skin shard from Orbs, but there’s only a chance you’ll get any extra drops like those skin shards or Gemstones. >**What will happen to Tokens that I don’t use?** Until the 24th of July, players can redeem 10 tokens for 10 Blue essence in Hextech. After that, tokens will expire from your inventory. >**Ok, how about the Orbs that I craft?”** The Orbs you get from either side will still open after the 24th of July, but they will not include Tokens as a potential drop.
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