thoughts on this @Riot not looking for others opinions will just ignore for you didnt ban me riotdid

Game 3 GazalivesReborn: haven't even spoken GazalivesReborn: <3 GazalivesReborn: i am calm GazalivesReborn: i even took cleanse to calm down further GazalivesReborn: vayne GazalivesReborn: btw GazalivesReborn: gl lee <3 GazalivesReborn: whats up bud GazalivesReborn: im not inting GazalivesReborn: ????????? GazalivesReborn: who said im inting GazalivesReborn: int GazalivesReborn: why GazalivesReborn: thats reportable GazalivesReborn: shit GazalivesReborn: did NOT escept her to flash GazalivesReborn: thats a shame GazalivesReborn: dw GazalivesReborn: i took tp for a reason GazalivesReborn: damn GazalivesReborn: got caught out GazalivesReborn: fuck GazalivesReborn: :( GazalivesReborn: yes it is GazalivesReborn: all you <3 GazalivesReborn: 4 bot GazalivesReborn: hey GazalivesReborn: zilean GazalivesReborn: hows life GazalivesReborn: so? GazalivesReborn: nice GazalivesReborn: help GazalivesReborn: ff GazalivesReborn: zilean GazalivesReborn: you were saiying GazalivesReborn: <3 GazalivesReborn: <3 ZILEAN GazalivesReborn: :) GazalivesReborn: dont try me again I understand the first 2 games i was rough but the 3rd game i calmed down completely even added hearts and didnt speak one ill word in my last game. and when i typed ff its cause i didnt put / before then i tied it again it was a mistype for griefing. I understand my first 2 games contained rude speech which i understand and I did then so i calmed down in my next game which makes me wonder why im being punished on my final warning (game 3)?

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