Mouse freeze

I have a slight problem that's making League pretty much unplayable at this point, I've had it for a while and I've gone through a lot of troubleshooting figure out why I have this problem, and see what I could do about it. A few examples of how it affect me: I can never be certain I can aim a skill shot combo. Being able to move my mouse behind my Champion so that I can flash away. I can't kite properly. Or dodge skill shots for that matter. *** #Description When I lift the mouse off the mouse pad, there's a chance it'll freezes on the screen for a brief moment. I can get the mouse to vibrate slightly on the screen when it happens but that's it. I use Win 7 *** #Possible causes. 1. Mouse mat, it is unlikely but it is a very real possibility. Something about angle of the mouse when it touches the with the mouse mat, making it 're-calibrate' 2. Driver for the mouse is damaged. 3. Problem with the operating system, most likely a driver if that's the case. 4. Power settings. When you lift the mouse, the computer registers it as inactive, so when you put it back on the mat it needs to 'reboot' causing this weird delay. 5. Virus/Malware/Rootkit *** #What I've tried: 1. SFC (System file checker) 2. chkdsk (check disk) 3. Windows Safe Mode 4. Full scan (Anti virus) 5. Start up scan (Anti Virus) 6. Updated everything from Windows Update 7. Checked for updates to the mouse (drivers) 8. Resource monitor (to see if there's a process taking up excess memory when I have this issue) 9. Deactivated power options for 'selective shutdown of USB' 10. CCleaner 11. Event viewer 12. Malwarebytes and Anti-Rootkit Going through errors in eventvwr.msc, this one seemed interesting > Following boot-start- or system-start-driver couldn't be read: > prodrv06 > prohlp02 > prosync1 > sfhlp01 I've deleted those 4 files from 'SysWow64\drivers\' My concern is that they're still being called for, yet I haven't been able to find any remnants of starforce on my computer, not even in the registry. *** #To do 1. Good fucking question :/ 2. Mouse mat 3. Test the mouse/USB ports (semi completed) I've tried with 2 different mouse' in the same computer, and different computers, problems seem to be isolated to this computer. One mouse is completely new. Tried with different USB ports. 4. Restart the computer for the umpteenth time :/ 5. Post this thread.
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