New Tickets + LoL Login = Awesome

Hey everyone, Here’s the straight and dirty: on Dec 1st when you submit a ticket to us here in Player Support, [you’ll need to enter your LoL credentials first]( If you haven’t verified the email on your account, you won’t be able to log on. So make sure to verify your email address! On the other hand, you won’t need to login if you are submitting a ticket about: * Account Recoveries * Chargebacks/Unauthorized Charges ***NOTE: If your account is banned/suspended, you ***CAN*** still sign on to submit a ticket*** > #***WTF? Why?*** Because Stone Cold said s-- Actually, because having two accounts is stupid. There is no reason to have a special support account when we all already have a League of Legends account. This should make things easier for all of you as well as us. If you have any further questions, feel free to drop a reply!
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