Absolutely RIdiculous Ping Spikes & Starting Ping

Hey everyone, I am currently experiencing absurdly high starting pings, and ping spikes that are unimaginable. It's become so bad that I'm afraid to even play bot games now; I dive into custom games to check on my ping. For reference, my ping stays around 4ms when I first enter a screen load out, but then it jumps to over 2,000 after I load about 70%. The worst part is that every time I quit the "custom game", and fire it up again, the ping never goes below 1500. During one bot game this Sunday, **the ping spiked to over 15000ms. ** **No, these are not your typical ping spikes. ** In the past, **my ping usually fluctuated in the lower 40s**, but sometimes gets into the 50s and 60s. I made sure to check things on my end; I knew that multiple devices can take up bandwidth, but even during (almost midnight) when supposedly traffic is supposed to die down,** the ping still averages around 3,000. **It might be a problem on Riot's side as they already have issues with account transfers and all, but it looks like this problem is only happening to me. Any suggestions on what to do? Thanks ^^
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