Losing Lp after winning a ranked game

Hey everybody, I just finished playing a ranked game as braum support and everything is fine except the fact that we won the game and I lost LP for it. It can be noted that i was AFK for 8 minutes, my internet got disconnected. So i was afk from around 12:34-20:46 and had no problems for the first 12:34 minutes and after 20:46 to the end of the game which lasted to 33:59 seconds. But I do not understand why i lost LP. In the end game lobby it said in chat "You are ineligible to ear loot due to leaving or afk behaviors." But i don't understand why i would get that it's not like i was afk for the entire game it was 8 minutes i cant connect my computer with the snap of my fingers. I wasn't toxic or feeding or anything like that. My final score was 1/2/16 i had more assist than our 6/5/8 Kayn and more than our 10/8/6 Jinx. I know score doesn't mean everything but it shows that i wasn't just afk sitting in fountain doing nothing all game i contributed all throughout the game except those 8 minutes i feel like it's not fair to lose lp for that. I can maybe understand not losing or gaining lp in that game (sorta i'd still be pretty upset) but i do not at all think it's fair to lose lp for not being in a 33 minute game for 8 minutes that we won anyways. And also i feel like LP is entitled to anyone who wins a game that they participated at least half the game to and won. Lp is your right for working hard in a game of league and spending your time on it's not a loot reward I still spent 26 minutes on that game. I'd really appreciate someone getting back to me about this. Thanks!
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