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Hello, I just discovered that I'm very dissatisfied with one thing. There are not enough icons for us the summoners to express our love for our favorite champion. There is no diversity in the summoner icon pool, there are basically 10-20 icons which amount to nothing when trying to say that we love for example Katarina, Akali, or in my case Diana, or maybe Miss Fortune, or Talon or so. Things must be a little bit more naughty and playful in the sense that we can express one thing with our favorite icons - we love to let's say carry, or support, be tanky or maybe troll. There should be some icons for all the champions and some extra icons which of course would be some sort special, limited availability icons for skins. I really think that people would love to buy an icon which shows their favorite champion, ability or situation. There also are not so many wards skins for also this reason. People would love a ward skin for Veigar only, or for Tryndamere. Things would get more interesting when as a summoner playing Tryndamere on main, for example, to put a ward skin which would look like Trynda's sword. A summoner with the name TryndaOver9000 would love to have an enraged looking Tryndamere icon. There is also the problem where our skins look awesome, yet the champ icons look like the base skin on the minimap. There are few to none events to praise one particular champ and to make people learn that champ, which are not champ remodeling, champ reworking, and such. There are also many things which ruin very much a beloved champ when you change its base abilities with the pretext of reworking them. The items synergy is also very problematic. People should carry in any position - mid, top, tank and such, with many items. The item pool I feel that is very small and there are many items which are left out because they don't work very good which makes the item pool very much narrowed. Let's say there are like 50 items in the game, from which, only 10 are constantly picked to work with that particular champ. Also if you Rioters guys feel that one item is constantly abused because of a reason- like constantly carrying with it, you take it out and that's it, problem solved, when you could rework the gameplay so that the item would work without very harsh carrying towards anything. Champions tweaking is also very poor because, mainly, of the counter picks which basically nullify many champions to the level of minions, many many times if you pick a champion you love, you have to struggle very very hard towards a counter pick and usually an early game phase denies the champions ability to grow. There is also the leaver problems or team synergy add that with counter picks, few item pools and you get the recipe for lost game. There was a youtuber which said that if someone leaves the game in a team you will have more chances to kill, but that guy forgot that the enemy team gets more chances to sinergise and to win because of a 5 v 4. One leaver makes matches very harsh, and they get harsher when the matches are very close, people with same abilities in communicating, striking and such will get owned if one of their people leave. That is not much a guy leaves the game, and there should be more chances to win. But what when you play a match when 2 guys leave. What then. Laning becomes impossible because people will lane faster against fewer opponents. 1 guy has to fight a 2 team every time, without mentioning ganks. Ganks will become much much easier and kills will get much easier because mainly 3 or 4 people will always fight 1 or 2. What about when you play a match when 3 people leave? 2 v 5. Very very easy huh. More chances to win. You can't do very much against that when happens something like this. Min 3 one player rage quits because he is easy pray to a very skilled player. Min 10 a second player leaves because he sees that winning is impossible and min 20 the 3r player leaves because it is not worth the effort. The last 2 players say GG and they get owned. I also played situations when 4 people leave the game and I have to fight v 5. I don't see why was the game still going, why didn't the game stop. No matter how good you are, you have to wait for loss, for your nexus to be destroyed because of that. I also hate the thing with the 20 minutes of necessary play before surrendering. I do surrender, but I usually prefer not to, I usually love to play until the end and try to grasp any little situation to make things a little better. Many many champs are a disaster and now I refer again to items, because those champs gain a clear advantage in constant stunning, teleporting a few bits away and such. There is no item to help you teleport, besides your teleport spell, there is no item to help you stun, besides your stuns, if your champ has it. There are very few items dedicated to champs, and those other items ruin builds of other champs. There are many useless items which ruin your gameplay and your logic of gameplay because the items don't synergise well. They don't complete each other very well. The one other thing I think of in games is AP vs AD. Especially late game. AP usually is not so powerful against AD late game. There are some other things I think of. I will post them as I play or how they come to mind. Thank you for your reading. Chosen of the moon, My eyes are open, MoonHeretic.

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