I got banned?

I got a 2 week ban on my account for messing around with this person playing Riven. She made a comment about a gay person, my best friend growing up happens to be gay, in game I made a joke about something and said "kys." Afterwards, I added her and we talked about other things. So my main account was banned for being "toxic." No more than 20 minutes later it was banned. Finally, after the 2 weeks. I don't say much stuff, other than the average, "dam, no ganks bot?" or "better jungler wins" so my teammate(s) immediately respond muted and reported. Yet, day in and day out I see streamer's type in chat "better jungler wins." I have sen so much worse typed in twitch.tv streams than anything I actually type. Yet my account I spent way more than 3,000 dollars on gets banned permanently. I'm more than willing to link what was said for the ban if someone from riot responds. I spent all this money on my account and played it for this long to have been banned for THIS CHAT LOG TO BE LINKED TO MY BAN. All because players can report someone for basically having a bad game? I said "I'm afk" yet still played the whole game through.
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