I'm writing this in hopes that someone can tell me what in the hell is going on I'll start off by saying about a few weeks ago I was running LoL at 60fps on medium settings on my older laptop(probably a 2005 or '06) well even on that things last leg (it just died on me a few weeks ago, RIP) now I have this new laptop, and I mean new I bought the thing from Wally-World, this machine is at a consistently lower fps (hovers around 20-30) but sometimes it will even drop into single digits rendering the game damn near unplayable by my standards I guess what I'm getting at is, is there anything I should do to increase my fps because at this point my in-game performance is suffering due to low fps If you need the specs for the new pc I will post them (added note, the ram, and video card are both way better than my older laptop's) If anyone could help me rectify this that would be awesome so I could get back into playing somewhat well I guess xD and I'm not very computer savy so use Lameman's terms please xP
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